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Foreign Policy in a Nutshell: Why is foreign policy important? | James Pat Guerréro

Posted in Foreign Policy, Foreign Relations, Issues by James Pat Guerréro on 06/15/2011

Foreign Policy in a Nutshell: Why is foreign policy important?

I don’t agree with libertarians like Ron Paul on this issue. Libertarians tend to forego foreign policy initiatives because of foreign aid, military support, and international interests. U.S. image among other countries in the world is a matter of life and death. We are interested in a country’s development in terms of its government rule by the people, economic prosperity, respect for human life, freedom of religion, open market and fair trade, and national security. Not only do these interests help each country, but also they help the U.S. relationship with each individual country.

But I believe there should be conditions placed upon the U.S. Government. Our government should be an example of good fiscal and monetary policy to other countries by the following conditions: being debt-free, having an annual balanced budget, auditing the Federal Reserve, repealing the Dodd-Frank law, and controlling spending indexed by GNP growth.

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