The Nyergeses Foreclose on Bank of America Branch in Naples, FL | James Pat Guerréro

Naples, FL: The Nyergeses sued Bank of America because of a judgment it didn’t pay. Warren and Maureen Nyerges hired Todd Allen, of the firm Conrad Willkomm, to forclose on the Davis Boulevard Bank of America branch. Allen executed a levy against the branch for an unpaid judgement that the branch owed. Last week Allen arrived with Collier County deputies and a moving truck to seize the furniture, computers, and cash in the drawers to satisfy the judgment of $2,500.

When Allen was at hand, the branch manager immediately paid the judgment of $2,50o and expenses in executing the levy of $500 for a total of $3,000.

The issue of the judgment awarded last December was that Bank of America tried to foreclose on the Nyergeses home which was fully paid with no mortgage.

Read more: Attorney gets another $3,000 from Bank of America for bad foreclosure » Naples Daily News.


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