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“Lost Lakes” Re-discovered By Local Church | Pro 8 – News, Weather, Sports – Laredo, Texas | News

Posted in Laredo TX by James Pat Guerréro on 05/30/2011


A project placed on the back burner is once again coming to light all thanks to the hard work of one Laredo church and several members of the community. Pro 8 News reporter Brenda Medina introduced us to an area some are calling the “lost lakes.” A closer look at the destination which was recently re-discovered.

“The city had a great idea ten years ago to turn this in to a nature park,” said Executive Director for the Big River Foundation Eric Ellman.

But Ellman said that idea never became a reality. Just recently Father Bill Davis and members from his San Francisco Javier Parish discovered this incredible sight.

“Hard working people need a place to go on Saturday and Sunday for picnic and in Laredo there’s very few,” Davis said.

The long dormant city project to transform the 200-acre nature preserve was all part of the River Bend park, Ellman told Pro 8 News.

“The funding didn’t come through and it drifted off of the radar screen,” added Ellman.

Sawing away, branch after branch, through hard work and dedication volunteers from the parish, collaboration of funders, and the Big River Foundation are all pitching in to create a park from abandoned gravel operation and sand.

“Cause talk about pride in Laredo,” said Davis. “This is something to really change the way the world sees Laredo.”

As they clear out the area they’re ensuring they preserve wildlife.

“You can see how the beaver gnawed the tree until it falls,” added Davis. “There’s wild animals out here. There’s hundreds of different kind of birds.”

The nature preserve with lakes, trails perfect for hiking or mountain biking sits nestled west of downtown Laredo.

“You can kayak, you can fish. The lakes are kind of shallow so it’s not the best for swimming but it’s a wonderful place to enjoy, relax and forget the city around you,” Ellman said.

For 67-year-old Moises Flores transforming the area is a dream come true as it brings back some cherished memories. “I used to come here when I was a kid. It’s very important for me to have it again and to enjoy it.”

The activities Laredoans can enjoy at the “lost lakes” are supported in part by the urban waters initiative for EPA. To help low income families discover and learn to protect their water resources. “Lost lakes” is city land and open to the public on a daily basis.

via “Lost Lakes” Re-discovered By Local Church | Pro 8 – News, Weather, Sports – Laredo, Texas | News.

Governor Rick Scott Veto Message | James Pat Guerréro

Posted in Florida Budget Resolution by James Pat Guerréro on 05/28/2011

Enclosed is Gov. Rick Scott’s veto message for the July 1, 2011 to June 30, 2012 fiscal year. It is composed of 30 pages. The governor announces withholding approval of portions of the Senate Bill 2000 enacted during the 43rd Florida Legislature.

Read: Governor Scott Veto Message

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Barney Frank’s Friends with Benefits – HUMAN EVENTS | Michelle Malkin

Posted in U.S. House of Representatives by James Pat Guerréro on 05/28/2011

If you want to watch a corruptocrat start sputtering like Porky Pig with allergies, confront him with three simple words: conflict of interest. Asked this week about his role in securing an ex-lover’s highly coveted job at government mortgage giant Fannie Mae, Massachusetts Democratic Rep. Barney Frank retorted:

“Aba-dee aba-dee aba-dee aba-dee.”

Or that’s what it sounded like, anyway. Frank was rather miffed about the recent disclosure that he helped former lover Herb Moses land a job with the behemoth lender while sitting on a House committee that regulates lenders a decade ago. The Boston Herald reported Thursday that Frank immediately invoked the Everybody Does It card: “It is a common thing in Washington for members of Congress to have spouses work for the federal government. There is no rule against it at all.”

Frank then switched to the Everybody Knew defense: “It was widely known. It was out there in the public.”

Next, he dismissed any controversy about his ethical judgment with the Nobody Cares shield: “It’s nonsense.”

No doubt he’ll spring the Homophobia Card on critics at an opportune moment to ice his multitiered cake of excuses.

Funny thing. Not too long ago, it was Frank himself counseling fellow Democratic scandal magnet Rep. Maxine Waters to butt out of Boston-area OneUnited Bank’s bid for $12 million in federal TARP bailout funds because of conflict-of-interest odors. Waters’ husband, Sidney Williams, was an investor in one of the banks that merged into OneUnited and owned stock holdings estimated at $350,000.

Frank’s exact words to Waters: “You should stay out of it. … You should stay away from this.”

Waters didn’t listen. The House ethics committee charged her with several ethics violations (though no trial has yet been scheduled). Frank nearly broke his arm patting himself on the back and pronouncing himself “vindicated” after the charges were filed last year.

But where was Mr. Clean when his own sleazy dalliances needed self-policing?

While head of the House Financial Services Committee in 2009, amid economic upheaval across the country, Frank was jet-setting with hedge-fund mogul and TARP beneficiary S. Donald Sussman to his private Caribbean resort. The foxes in the House Ethics henhouse granted what they called “unusual” permission for the jaunt because Frank’s partner, Jim Ready, is close pals with Sussman. When Republicans raised questions about ethical improprieties, Frank — whose party has perfected the art of class warfare demagoguery — whinnied that it wasn’t a crime to have wealthy friends.

What should be criminal is the Democratic friends and fat cats protection racket run by the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac overlords. While political operatives have raked in tens of millions of dollars in directors’ fees and lavish compensation packages, the government-sponsored lenders have bled billions and will soak up an estimated $400 billion in bailout funds. Financial journalist Gretchen Morgenson reported this week that Frank “was very aggressive and really tough” on Fannie critics after the corrupt institution “rolled out the red carpet” for his ex-lover. After his friend with crony benefits broke up with him, Frank remained a dogged Fannie defender.

Sneering at financial reformers before a 2003 House hearing, Frank asserted: “I want to begin by saying that I am glad to consider the legislation, but I do not think we are facing any kind of a crisis. That is, in my view, the two government-sponsored enterprises we are talking about here, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, are not in a crisis. … I do not think at this point there is a problem with a threat to the Treasury.”

Not that such spectacular bad judgment and lack of foresight should be any surprise coming from a politician whose early career was punctuated by a formal reprimand for using his office to fix another lover/prostitute’s parking tickets and lying about his criminal probation history. As a cocky Frank said at the time of that scandal: ”I think members of Congress rise or fall on their own individual records.” Eventually, yes.

via Barney Frank’s Friends with Benefits – HUMAN EVENTS. Awarded Highly-Regarded ‘Site of the Year Award’ From the Washington Center

Posted in U.S. Digital Media by James Pat Guerréro on 05/27/2011

Washington, D.C. (PRWEB) May 23, 2011, the leader in software as a service and cloud based technology for campaigns and elections, was recently awarded the prestigious “Internship Site of the Year Award” by the Washington Center.

The award, established in 2004, honors organizations that are instrumental in students’ transformational experience in Washington DC. The Washington Center is the largest independent, nonprofit academic internship program in the country.

“ElectionMall is honored to have had the help of countless young people through the Washington Center who help make our cutting-edge technology available to more than 1,500 campaigns on international, national, state and local levels. We’re dedicated to ensuring more people become involved in in the year ahead. Transparency, strong ethics and greater involvement by people in elections are our cornerstone. It’s what guides us everywhere we go and in everything we do,” ElectionMall CEO Ravi Singh said.

“At ElectionMall, young professionals are immediately treated as team members, providing them with an extraordinary experience that goes beyond their expectations. From top to bottom, election mall staff members care about their interns’ learning experience and trust them with sound responsibilities and projects,” Washington Center Director for International Government initiatives Rodrigo Aguilar-Benignos said.

The Washington Center is the largest independent, nonprofit academic internship program in the country. It brings together exceptional and dedicated college students and civic, governmental and business leaders, hundreds of colleges and universities, scores of public and private host organizations (or internship sites), and over 40,000 alumni. Founded 35 years ago, TWC is a unique educational center based on a fully integrated mix of professional experience, academic coursework and real-life challenges.

Established in 1999, is a non-partisan world leader in providing on demand cloud-based solutions for campaigns and elections worldwide, effectively utilizing technology and business know how to enable candidates, advocacy groups, and nonprofits to generate enhanced gains in awareness, funds, & votes. ElectionMall launched a new product, Campaign Cloud powered by Microsoft, last year and it has been used in campaigns across the United States and recently in presidential campaigns in Colombia, Brazil and Ireland. is the exclusive partner for Microsoft in the campaigns and elections market. ElectionMall is headquartered in Washington, D.C., with international offices in Brussels, Bogota and Dublin. For more information, visit or follow on Twitter @CampaignGuru, join us on Facebook, and watch our latest videos on YouTube.

via Awarded Highly-Regarded ‘Site of the Year Award’ From the Washington Center.

Café con Libertad…27 de Mayo | Heritage Libertad

Posted in Tradición by James Pat Guerréro on 05/27/2011

27 de Mayo 2011
Cafe con Libertad…27 de MayoNuestra particular ronda exploratoria de la actualidad con noticias y artículos muy interesantes que Ud. no se debe perder.

  • Día de los Caídos: El Día de los Caídos o Memorial Day se observa a nivel nacional el último fin de semana del mes de mayo para honrar a los que hicieron el último sacrificio muriendo en defensa de la nación.
  • Corte Suprema: La Corte Suprema de Estados Unidos dio la razón a Arizona en el caso que ratifica “una ley del estado de Arizona que impone sanciones contra empresas que contratan a inmigrantes indocumentados”.
  • Libertad religiosa en China: 19 pastores han escrito una insólita petición a las autoridades chinas. La petición reclama, basándose en la Constitución China y la Declaración Universal de los Derechos Humanos, una sólida libertad religiosa, incluyendo “las libertades de reunión, asociación, expresión, educación y evangelización”. ¡Qué valentía!
  • Adolfo Rivero Caro: El escritor y “fundador del movimiento de derechos humanos en Cuba, cuyos escritos en defensa de la democracia y las causas conservadoras le ganaron un devoto público en Estados Unidos y América Latina, murió el jueves en el Hospital Hialeah, víctima de cáncer” a la edad de 75 años.

Y para cerrar esta ronda, no se olvide de leer el artículo de la Campana de Heritage, “El Senado, inmóvil ante la crisis presupuestaria” y Mahmud Ahmadineyad acusa Europa de “robarle la lluvia” (¡No es broma!).

Atencion: Medios de la Prensa:Por favor, no dude en comunicarse con nosotros en caso le podamos dar una entrevista o comentar acerca de los temas que aquí tratamos o de otros temas de interés. Tenemos expertos que hablan español, dispuestos a hablar con los medios de comunicación.

Por favor, sírvase llamar al israel.ortega

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Gov. Rick Scott Saves Florida’s Budget | James Pat Guerréro

Posted in Florida Budget Resolution by James Pat Guerréro on 05/27/2011

In the rhetoric of “cuts,” they weren’t really “cuts:” they were “saves.” Florida Gov. Rick Scott said he would save Florida taxpayers from more government spending, and he did what he said he would do. After the Florida legislature trimmed down the overall budget about $4 billion to $69.1 billion, Scott line item vetoed another $615 million, and that helped the Florida taxpayers even more. The promise of a flourishing Florida is set and attracts businesses and investors from around the world – and continues the job creating plan.

Lee and Collier counties were not immune to the saves. The “higher education” special interest lobbyists in Tallahassee, who hold sway on government spending, were denied $17 million in construction funds for Southwest Florida’s higher education institutions. These earmarked interests were sought during the governorship of Charlie Crist. Scott said that the money he saved should be re-legislated to K-12 education in the state.

Other Lee and Collier spending programs totaling about $20 million were vetoed. Some legislators want spending in programs for the reason that it is “needed” without measurable efficiency, accountability, and return on investment, which must be reviewed by their respective managements. These local republican legislators should not promise spending programs if they can’t guarantee the funding sources and spending program performance.

Read More: $17M FGCU, Edison State projects fall in Gov. Scott’s budget vetoes » Naples Daily News.

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Buenos Aires y Quito, capitales de la cultura | The Americano

Posted in Argentina, Ecuador by James Pat Guerréro on 05/27/2011

Centro histórico de Quito

“Dicen que en Buenos Aires no hay que salir a buscar los libros, porque los libros lo encuentran a uno.” El argumento del gobierno de la Capital Argentina convenció a la Unesco que eligió a Buenos Aires como capital mundial del libro para 2011.

Durante todo este año, la producción literaria y de publicaciones porteña se desplegará ante el mundo, se multiplicarán las actividades vinculadas con los libros y la lectura, y se estrecharán vínculos con editoriales de distintos países que abrirán la puerta a nuevos negocios. En la selección, Buenos Aires le ganó a Caracas, La Habana, Lagos (Nigeria), Porto Novo (Benin), Sharjah (Emiratos Árabes) y Teherán.

La Unesco recató “la calidad y variedad de acciones que promueven la actividad literaria” en una ciudad que “cultiva la lectura y la creación como una de sus principales actividades simbólicas”.

Buenos Aires, a buen seguro, es una ciudad donde la literatura está viva. Cada año, más de un millón de personas asisten a la Feria del libro. Hay librerías y lectores en todos los barrios. Iniciativas como “No hay ciudad sin poesía” convocan a cientos de personas a recitales de un género que mantiene un público fiel.

Por toda la urbe proliferan muestras históricas de libros infantiles, seminarios sobre traducción y concursos de afiches. Se unen fútbol y literatura, cine y libros y lecturas con comida en varios “banquetes literarios”.

Paralelamente, el Bureau de Capitales designó a Quito, como Capital Americana de la Cultura 2011. La “Florencia de los Andes”, como también ha sido llamada, posee el centro histórico más grande, menos alterado y mejor preservado de América. Sobre una superficie de 320 hectáreas está considerado como uno de los más importantes conjuntos históricos de América Latina. Tiene alrededor de 130 edificaciones monumentales y cinco mil inmuebles registrados en el inventario de bienes patrimoniales. Ubicada a una altura promedio de 2.850 metros es la segunda capital administrativa más alta del mundo, después de La Paz.

Esta designación convierte a Quito en un referente cultural, no sólo de la región sino a nivel mundial y permitirá dar a conocer todos los tesoros de la metrópoli andina.  El nombramiento traerá una inmediata promoción a través de más de 3.000 anuncios en prestigiosos medios de comunicación internacionales.  Cuenta con el reconocimiento de los Parlamentos Latinoamericano y Europeo.  Antena 3 Internacional y Discovery Channel son los canales oficiales de televisión.

En buena hora por estas dos hermosas ciudades de Hispanoamérica que promoverán la integración interamericana desde el ámbito cultural y contribuirá a un mejor conocimiento entre los pueblos del continente, respetando su diversidad nacional y regional, poniendo de relieve el patrimonio cultural común.

Los Municipios de Buenos Aires y Quito han entendido el formidable desafío y han invertido cantidades significativas para desarrollar tertulias, exposiciones, construir centros de reunión y hasta bibliotecas que trasciendan su condición de Babeles para acoger a público de todas las edades, interesado en conocer más de una historia de siglos en la que, así como hubo episodios oscuros, también ha tenido capítulos luminosos donde ha brillado el espíritu creador y el afán por hermanar a esta raza que el intelectual mexicano, José Vasconcelos, denominó como  “Raza de Bronce”.

via Buenos Aires y Quito, capitales de la cultura | The Americano.

Why Conservatives should oppose The NAT GAS Act | RedState

Posted in U.S. House of Representatives by James Pat Guerréro on 05/27/2011

This is my first post on Red State – I’m looking forward to being a part of this community and I look forward to keeping you informed of the Club’s ongoing activities to defend economic liberty.

I want to use my first post to talk about HR 1380.

HR 1380, otherwise known as the “NAT GAS Act”, is bipartisan legislation (sponsored by 105 Democrats, 83 Republicans) supported by billionaire T. Boone Pickens that would provide billions of dollars in tax incentives for the production and use of natural gas vehicles. Several fiscal conservatives in the House have been duped into thinking this is a good bill but I hope that they immediately withdraw their names as co-sponsors. Putting aside the fact that market-distorting tax credits destroy the system of free enterprise, and are opposed by the Club for Growth, I wanted to highlight one specific part of the bill. Section 403 states:

It is the sense of the Congress that the Environmental Protection Agency[‘s] new fuel economy and greenhouse gas emission regulations for medium- and heavy-duty engines and vehicles should provide incentives to encourage and reward manufacturers who produce natural gas powered vehicles. Such regulations should take into account the petroleum reductions provided by such vehicles and also quantify all greenhouse gas emission reductions provided by natural gas powered engines and vehicles.

In other words, this bill basically lends credibility to the EPA’s ability to regulate greenhouse gas emissions, something opposed to by many Republicans in Congress. Therefore, the Club for Growth cannot help but conclude that anyone who remains a sponsor of this bill is a supporter of Obama’s desire to regulate climate change through the EPA.

Congressman Mike Pompeo of Kansas, a true fiscal conservative, has opposed the NAT GAS Act from the start, and has even introduced a resolution (H.Res. 267) to oppose all energy subsidies. We strongly encourage all fiscal conservatives who support HR 1380 to immediately remove their name, and instead, support Congressman Pompeo’s resolution.

Congressman Todd Akin and Congressman Steve Pearce have already wisely and courageously dropped their names from the NAT GAS bill, and should be applauded for doing so.

I’d love it if Red State users could join with Congressman Pompeo and the Club for Growth to help kill this bill.

Thanks for all you do to advance the cause of economic freedom.


Chris Chocola

President, Club for Growth

via Why Conservatives should oppose The NAT GAS Act | RedState.

The Republican Lifetime Achievement Award – Page 1 – Ben Shapiro – Townhall Conservative

Posted in Presidential Primary by James Pat Guerréro on 05/27/2011

Republicans have an unfortunate habit. It’s a habit cribbed from the Academy Awards, in which Hollywood rewards somebody who has been around forever with a special trophy. Republicans have their own Lifetime Achievement Award. It’s called The Presidential Nomination, and it generally goes to dues-paying members who have spent their last few decades working for the party and clawing their way to the top. Members of the Republican Lifetime Achievement Award club include Bob Dole, George H.W. Bush and John McCain. The latest nominees for the Lifetime Achievement Award include Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich, both of whom have the excitement factor of dish soap. Now those rebels inside the Republican Party are clamoring for an insurrectionist pick like … Mitch Daniels.

Democrats, unlike Republicans, treat their presidential races like good general managers treat their baseball teams: the most talented kid, no matter how little he’s labored in the minors, gets the call to the Big Show. Barack Obama is the Stephen Strasburg of politics: a nobody who suddenly developed a 100 mph fastball, jumped almost directly to the major leagues, and flamed out almost immediately. Bill Clinton was an Albert Pujols — a late draft pick who turned out to be immensely talented and then had a long and productive career.

In short, Democrats reward talent; Republicans reward hard work. And talent wins elections.

Republicans have to stop thinking about whether candidates have “paid their dues.” They have to stop worrying about whether candidates have labored for the party. They need to start worrying about whether candidates have the “it” factor.

There are only a few who do: Chris Christie, Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain. All of them have flaws, however. Christie isn’t running; Palin’s character has been assassinated by the media; Bachmann is a congresswoman rather than a governor or senator; Cain has no political experience. All, however, would be better picks than any of the so-called frontrunners.

The best pick of all would be a first-term senator of minority ethnicity, with a charming family, an earnest style and the ability to speak off the cuff. He would be likeable without being common and brilliant without being pedantic. In other words, a less arrogant mirror image of Obama with conservative principles.

His name is Marco Rubio. He’s out there, and the Republican Party is foolish not to recognize him.

via The Republican Lifetime Achievement Award – Page 1 – Ben Shapiro – Townhall Conservative.

Thalheimers Doesn’t Let Them Get-Away Without a Shoot | James Pat Guerréro

Posted in Naples FL by James Pat Guerréro on 05/26/2011

Naples, FL: Sandy Thalheimer exchanged gunshots with robbers after they stole $279,000 worth of jewelry from his store, Thalheimers Jewelers, on February 8, 2011. The shooting occurred in the parking lot outside the store. After the thieves robbed a traveling jewelry salesman at the store and tried to get away in their car, Thalheimer attempted to block their vehicle from getting out of the parking lot by ramming it with his truck. He said that by instinct he got out of the truck and started shooting at them. Thalheimer had never shot at a human being before, although he thinks he hit one of the suspects.Thalheimer owns a Fort Myers gun school.

Naples detective Robert Young believes the five Colombian suspects were from Miami and are part of a South American theft group. They use false identifications and credit cards. They rented cars from Miami and used three getaway cars.Young said he’s getting close with good leads.

For weeks the suspects were following a jewelry salesman, Gregory M. George, of Melbourne, Florida. The suspects robbed George at gunpoint as he visited the store. That’s when Thalheimer followed them out for the shootout. George works for a New York-based jewelry manufacturer, Frederick Goldman, Inc.. George usually changes his cell phone number as he travels.

Naples police get help from Robert Taylor, director of the South American Theft Group Intelligence Network (SATGIN), a non-profit organization that trains police agencies to investigate South American theft groups. Taylor advises that this organized crime is composed of cells of criminals that are transient, change names, and change identification cards and credit cards continually.

Read More: Investigators link Naples jewelry heist to South American theft ring » Naples Daily News.

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