Gov. Rick Scott Saves Florida’s Budget | James Pat Guerréro

In the rhetoric of “cuts,” they weren’t really “cuts:” they were “saves.” Florida Gov. Rick Scott said he would save Florida taxpayers from more government spending, and he did what he said he would do. After the Florida legislature trimmed down the overall budget about $4 billion to $69.1 billion, Scott line item vetoed another $615 million, and that helped the Florida taxpayers even more. The promise of a flourishing Florida is set and attracts businesses and investors from around the world – and continues the job creating plan.

Lee and Collier counties were not immune to the saves. The “higher education” special interest lobbyists in Tallahassee, who hold sway on government spending, were denied $17 million in construction funds for Southwest Florida’s higher education institutions. These earmarked interests were sought during the governorship of Charlie Crist. Scott said that the money he saved should be re-legislated to K-12 education in the state.

Other Lee and Collier spending programs totaling about $20 million were vetoed. Some legislators want spending in programs for the reason that it is “needed” without measurable efficiency, accountability, and return on investment, which must be reviewed by their respective managements. These local republican legislators should not promise spending programs if they can’t guarantee the funding sources and spending program performance.

Read More: $17M FGCU, Edison State projects fall in Gov. Scott’s budget vetoes » Naples Daily News.

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