End Impact Fees for Collier County Entirely | James Pat Guerréro

Collier County Commissioner Hiller is a conservative, who believes rightly that impact fees are unnecessary in a free-market based economy. She challenged the other Commissioners Coyle, Coletta, and Fiala to pass a moratorium on impact fees, and they disagreed with her, pointing to the cost for staff to analyze an answer to her issue. So Hiller tries to avoid cost to the taxpayer while the others use cost to defend their disagreement. Seems like they’re all talking about the same thing, but the others are using a fallacy. The Republican In Name Only (RINO) Commissioners Coyle, Fiala, and Coletta are begging the question, i.e., avoiding the issue with frustration to aim at their spending goals.

Commissioner Henning rightly stated that he would challenge the RINO Commissioners if they tried to impose rules of procedure on Hiller.

Collier County taxpayers should start a grassroots movement to end impact fees entirely for Collier County, so as citizens would see real economic growth throughout the County, not just along the coastline.

Great job, Commissioners Hiller and Henning!

Read More: Hiller’s suggestion to suspend Collier impact fees shot down » Naples Daily News.


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