Florida House of Representatives – Committees for Regular Session 2011 | James Pat Guerréro

Florida House of Representatives – Committees for Regular Session 2011

Appropriations Committee

Agriculture & Natural Resources Appropriations Subcommittee

Government Operations Appropriations Subcommittee

Health Care Appropriations Subcommittee

Higher Education Appropriations Subcommittee

Justice Appropriations Subcommittee

PreK-12 Appropriations Subcommittee

Transportation & Economic Development Appropriations Subcommittee

Economic Affairs Committee

Business & Consumer Affairs Subcommittee

Community & Military Affairs Subcommittee

Economic Development & Tourism Subcommittee

Insurance & Banking Subcommittee

Transportation & Highway Safety Subcommittee

Education Committee

K-20 Competitiveness Subcommittee

K-20 Innovation Subcommittee

Finance & Tax Committee

Health & Human Services Committee

Health & Human Services Access Subcommittee

Health & Human Services Quality Subcommittee

Joint Administrative Procedures Committee (2011)

Joint Committee on Public Counsel Oversight (2011)

Joint Legislative Auditing Committee (2011)

Joint Legislative Budget Commission

Joint Select Committee on Collective Bargaining (2011)

Judiciary Committee

Civil Justice Subcommittee

Criminal Justice Subcommittee

Redistricting Committee

Congressional Redistricting Subcommittee

House Redistricting Subcommittee

Senate Redistricting Subcommittee

Rules & Calendar Committee

Rulemaking & Regulation Subcommittee

Select Committee on Government Reorganization

Select Committee on Water Policy

State Affairs Committee

Agriculture & Natural Resources Subcommittee

Energy & Utilities Subcommittee

Federal Affairs Subcommittee

Government Operations Subcommittee

via Florida House of Representatives – Committees.


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