“student-athletes, and not athlete-students” as say Towey of Ave Maria | James Pat Guerréro

H. James Towey, after two months on the job, is laying off, reducing, firing, or volunteering coaching positions at Ave Maria University. Towey is the newly appointed President and CEO. Some positions affected are as follows:

  1. Human Resources reviewing coaching positions to be laid off
  2. Volleyball coach Chuck Amshoff to reduced pay
  3. Track and Cross Country coach Mike DeWitt was laid off and Track and Field team goes to a willing volunteer coach

Football coach is spared with some Towey advise.

“Ave Maria is not a Division I athletic program. It will always be a part of what we offer to students, but it’s not an entree. It’s a flavorful side dish.”

Read More: Ave Maria axes track and field program; some coaching positions reduced to part-time » Naples Daily News.

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