Another Mess Inspired by Commie Jim Coletta: Settling with South Florida Water Management District | James Pat Guerréro

Another mess inspired by Commissioner Jim Coletta: settling with the South Florida Water Management District. The Collier County shouldn’t even be on the same level with that district. And what was the issue? Coletta wanted an ATV riding park and didn’t get one? To satisfy who? What? Why? No answers, just questions. Is it a business economic development thing? Can’t be a private concern involved here because that’s anti-Collier County.

Note that the Commissioners voted 3-2 with Commissioners Hiller and Henning voting negative. That says something about a deal that went haywire, like Jackson Laboratory. Understanding that the lawsuit is still in litigation, there isn’t much information. Only that the deal looks swampy and turbid, like the deal had taken a wrong turn way early on. Can’t say much for the whole Lake Trafford mucking, disposal site, water conservation, angry ATV riders, etc. dramatic play over time that leads to a tragic ending – nothing to show for the government doing a job.

Read More: Collier commissioners agree to take $3 million to settle ATV mess » Naples Daily News.


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