Fr. Robert Barron’s “Awkward” Take on Usama Bin Laden’s Celebratory Death (Watch) | James Pat Guerréro

One more priest discusses the celebratory death of  Usama Bin Laden (UBL), Fr. Robert Barron, who recorded his opinion on You Tube (watch). The writer happened to stumble upon it. It is not clear from which order Fr. Barron is from. For argument sake, one assumes he is of a diocese somewhere in Illinois, but he has been successful in establishing a national television show. His theology is more careful in his Christian dialectic, moving away from tempting an explanation on Marxist principles that underlay a liberation theology and closing in on an evangelical, scripture-based explanation on celebrating Bin Laden’s death. Fr. Barron explained that Jesus Christ said, “Love thy enemies.” And therefore, Bin Laden is still “a brother,” who although is an enemy, must be treated as a brother, i.e., people should pray for him on his death (but Fr. Barron did not say to stop celebrating his death). The dialectic is a little awkward. First question, “How can one treat Bin Laden as an enemy and a brother at the same time?” Second question, “Why pray for him when he is obviously wicked (Father’s word) and is now assassinated (dead, killed)?”

The writer isn’t a theologian. But the writer knows something about “Love thy enemy.” What does this command of Jesus Christ mean to the many young people who have celebrated Bin Laden’s death? For many young people, the enemy is/are the human being(s) who constantly hurt them, hurt their families, hurt their reputations, and hurt their ability to make income. The enemy is real, alive, conspiring, and hurting, ALWAYS. The writer finds that young people really love their enemy because they know they exist and they know who they are. And they see that enemies are not doing very well and need prayer. Well, Fr. Barron is on target because of the daily perspective just presented. To young people, the live enemy are daily brothers. But just like the celebratory song,”Ding, Dong the Wicked Witch is Dead,” the good triumphed over evil and the wicked UBL is dead, and there is no more need for prayer because it’s too late. Yes, everyone is actually praying gratitude that he is now dead. So, Fr. Barron’s tale is awkward, imprecise with regard to the grand story of man, and downplayed from the true and rare Victory story, that occasionally happens. Fr. Barron must recognize that the young people are good and are celebrating the triumph of good over evil. Watch the video.


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