Collier County Economic Development Council Proposing to Get in Bed with Collier Scrap Metal Recycling, Inc. | James Pat Guerréro

The Board of Collier County Commissioners, the Economic Development Council (EDC), and Collier Scrap Metal Recycling, Inc., get in bed with one another. Today, the Commission will consider doling out $30,000 of taxpayer funds to Collier Scrap Metal Recycling, Inc. Initiated by the EDC, retiring CEO Tammie Nemecek still doesn’t get it, and the consequences of her actions. Phraseology is part of the problem. To say that Collier County is creating jobs is incorrect by recommending that the Commission approve of granting funding to a private enterprise. The private enterprise, Collier Scrap Recycling, Inc., does not deserve crony capitalism, handout or bailout from taxpayer funding for any reason, one of which is that this government action does not follow free market principles.

The only option is that this private enterprise must come up with its own funding, if it wants to do business in Collier County, but not at taxpayers cost. The EDC also likes to speak about “fast track incentives.” The phrase connotes the ideas that in a hurry incentives shall be awarded to create jobs. Who really cares about “in a hurry” and “fast track incentives?” The incentives that should be credited should be in the form of lower taxation, and the government should not act as a “governmental entrepreneurial agent,” (the writer’s copyrighted term). The EDC is not really accomplishing economic development, and it continues the full translation of using incorrect phraseology.

The reference for the agenda item in today’s meeting is partly quoted, and the full reference is available below.

Recommendation to consider the request by the Economic Development Council of Collier County
to provide a Job Creation and Fast Track incentive package (creation of 15 full-time jobs at 131%
of the current Collier County private-sector average wage) to Collier Scrap Metal Recycling, Inc.
and approve the incentives in accordance with Florida Statute Section 125.045 for the proposed
project to be located at 2011 Seward Avenue (Fiscal Impact: $30,000)

Typically the Republicans In Name Only (RINOs) that vote in favor of crony capitalism are Commissioners Jim Coletta, Fred Coyle, and Donna Fiala. Contact them. The fast-tracking Tammie Nemecek wants to do business with the owner who is the son of a Miami multi-millionaire engaged in the same business.

Read More: 197185205102011113035120.PDF application/pdf Object.


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