Fr. Edward Beck: The Disguise for Raw Marxist Liberation Theology? | James Pat Guerréro

Commentary: Fr. Edward Beck, C.P., was a guest at The  O’Reilly Factor on May 3, 2011. Fr. Beck is of the Passionists  community that follows St. Paul of the Cross. Only understood from watching the show, the writer wants to assert that there is a distinct underlying theme in all Fr. Beck’s answers and questions to Bill O’Reilly. There seems to be a real practicality in his views, which smacks of liberation theology. Where Christianity presents itself as the practical solution for the world’s problems, e.g., the celebration of the  death of Usama Bin Laden, Father seems to be very convincing to the public. Here lies the problem: being convincing by using Christian concepts/truths in the domain of practicality, or in another word, politics, IS like asserting there is only politics (in reality). But this is not true. Not only politics is in reality – but also there are bodies and souls, the physical universe, and the supernatural realities of angels and God, etc. Fr. Beck appears to be going down the road of a dialectic that resembles Marxism in Marx’s interpretation on the final problems and solutions of class struggle. In front of Fr. Beck, when one sees his Roman collar, then one traps oneself in the plane of Christianity that becomes the disguise for raw Marxist liberation theology. Watch the video.


This is a Vimeo video from Fr. Edward Beck, C.P., of the Passionists community that is not related to the previous interview with Bill O’Reilly.  That video interview was removed from YouTube because of copyright infringements.  Here is Fr. Beck on his life.


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