Commercial Real Estate Agent Evaded IRS Taxes and Sentenced in Fort Myers FL | James Pat Guerréro

The IRS criminal investigations division investigated a Fort Myers real estate agent, Thomas Daugherty (54), for tax evasion. The case, prosecuted by U.S. attorneys David Haas and Robert Barclift, was brought before the Fort Myers Federal District Judge John E. Steele, who sentenced Daugherty after he pleaded guilty to tax evasion. Daugherty failed to pay the IRS $1.6 million in taxes.

His sentence includes 24 months in federal prison and restitution of over $2 million to the IRS.

A commercial real estate agent, Daugherty hid income from IRS seizure by putting purchased properties in the name of others and purchasing cashier’s checks for later to be cashed for living expenses.

Read More: Fort Myers real estate agent gets 2 years in prison for failing to pay taxes » Naples Daily News.


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