5-Year-Age Girl Drives Passed-Out Daddy to Safety | James Pat Guerréro

Jacksonville, Florida – Daddy was driving a 2010 Camaro when, suddenly, he passed out. His 5-year old daughter was the only passenger in the seat near him. The girl swiftly masters the wheel, pulls the Camaro over a curb, runs over a bunch of landscaping, and comes to a crashing stop at a parking sign. The Sheriff discovered Daddy was staring at the ceiling and not responding and the girl’s nose and lip were bloodied. Daddy had taken Xanax and Oxycodone earlier in the day. Daddy was taken into custody and was charged with driving under the influence with a minor. Now he’s out on bond, but she saved him.

Read More: 5-year-old girl grabs wheel after dad passes out in Jacksonville » Naples Daily News.


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