Last Update for the April 15th Tea Party

Hello Naples Tea Party Patriots………I wanted to share one last thing with all of you on the eve of our Tea Party on Friday, April 15th at 4:00 on the corner of Pine Ridge Road and U.S. 41.

Wayne Smith will be one of our speakers, and he sent me this e-mail today. It is an honor to have Wayne address the Naples Tea Party, along with all the others who will be speaking at our rally.

It looks like the weather will cooperate and we’ll have a great day to hold our third anniversary Tea Party. Bring your signs, your voices, your enthusiasm ….. and have fun! Let us all remind Harry Reid that the Tea Party is not going anywhere, and in 2012, we will finish the job we started in 2010. Continue spreading the word and we’ll see all of you on Friday.

Barry Willoughby

Hi Friends: I cleaned this up but in light of the Tea Party (which is now totally dead and irrelevant according to Harry Reid), event this Friday I thought I would pass this along. I will be speaking at the Naples Tea Party and will not craft my remarks until I hear Obama this afternoon who checks the wind with his finger every time he opens his mouth.

I hope you can click on the link and have the time to see this. The last half is why I became an Air Force Pilot and did what I did. I was born in 1943. Can you imagine a country with every man, (almost all volunteering to be in uniform),woman( who took their jobs on the assemble line to make tanks instead of cars),and child supporting one cause.

Should have made that three sentences but please click on this. It’s something that no one even cares about today if you are under 40 and they sure as heck have no clue about Korea or Vietnam. I will even go further. They know nothing about Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, or anything going on in the Coastal Mediterranean or Africa. For the majority, they are not aware or care about such events. I know exactly why but that’s a different memo.

Friday, I will talk about our demise from the financial tsunami combining very soon to be 15 Trillion. I may include the total irresponsibility of those re-elected to destroy America for their personal gain

The following I will not address. But is it something from which we can derive even more passion about keeping America great and not becoming a 3rd world country which is inevitable when our debt is called.

As soon as interests rates double instead of only 4 billion a day it becomes 8 billion a day. Think…all of Congress and the Administration bickered for weeks over 38 billion. Less than 10 days of interest payments and it likely won’t be signed until that amount is already gone.

Insanity….What’s worse. most Americans are not aware and are not intelligent enough know that a Trillion has 13 zero’s behind it. Even if they did it would mean absolutely nothing to them. They never had a chance to learn mathematics.

Pass this along if you wish. I’ll stick something that describes my background below my signature in case you do.

See ya Friday…Wayne Smith


In 1999 Wayne Smith retired from MidAmerican Energy as Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Generation. Earlier, he was President and Chief Operating Officer of BF Goodrich and prior to that he was Chief Executive of BOC Gases for the U. S., Canada, and South America. He began his business career with Air Products and Chemicalswhere he was appointed to a number of executive assignments over a 16-year period. He was a pilot for Eastern Airlines for six months in 1973 before being furloughed and then chose a new career path.

He was a 1965 graduate of the Air Force Academy and later flew 90 combat missions over North Vietnam and Laos before being shot down January 18, 1968. He survived 5 years and 2 months as a POW.

A few of Wayne’s honors for service in combat include Two Silver Stars, The Legion of Merit, The Distinguished Flying Cross, Two Bronze “V” Stars, Seven Air Medals, and The Purple Heart.

Today, Wayne resides year round with his wife Jean of 44 years in Naples Fl. They have two adult children, Shannon and Shawn, who also reside in Naples, and now each with young boys…one 4 years, and the other, 2 months old.

Wayne is one of the very fortunate of 471 of almost 1300 aircrew members shot down over North Vietnam to have survived…He never looked back. He went straight ahead and is thankful to be alive. He cares very deeply about our country but is very concerned about those who will carry the burden that has been placed upon his loved ones who follow him by the irresponsible electeds and bureaucrats in Washington.


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