April Tea Party Information | Barry Willoughby

Hello Naples Tea Party Patriots……….There are some planned Tea Parties in April that you need to be aware of. Now is NOT the time to hold back. We must all continue to remain engaged if we are to finish the job we started in November of 2010.

On Friday, April 15th from 4:00 until 6:00, the Naples Tea Party will hold its third anniversary Tea Party at the intersection of Pine Ridge Road and U.S. 41. If you have been to any past Naples Tea Parties on Tax Day, you will remember how uplifting and exhilarating they were. As usual, bring your appropriate Tea Party signs and make your voices heard. The theme of this year’s event is “America at the Crossroads” ……and one issue that you will be able to participate in is helping to shape the debate on our draconian tax policy. We’ll be conducting a survey in order to get an indication how you feel about the tax code and the IRS.

We will have music, some excellent speakers and all of the local conservative groups that support the Naples Tea Party will have booths set up in order to pass out useful information. You never know who will show up at one of our Tea Parties. Last year at this time, Rick Scott came and spoke to the crowd saying…… “let’s get to work.” Our very own Naples resident is now the governor of Florida thanks to all the help from those in Naples Tea Party.

Like before, we will assemble north of Pine Ridge Road along the grass strip separating the frontage road east of U.S. 41. Spread out along U.S. 41 heading north. You can park on the grass strip, but we advise you to pull in facing straight west instead of parallel parking. This will give us more room for parking. We urge you to car pool if at all possible. Make an effort to fill your car with neighbors and family.

By holding the event later in the day, it will allow many who work to participate, along with students and families with children. Mark your calendars and THIS IS CRITICAL……… spread the word to everyone you know. Do your part in making this a memorable event, as thousands of Tea Parties all across America will be holding rallies to remind our elected officials that we are holding them accountable.


Barry Willoughby
Naples Tea Party

A few days before the Naples Tea Party on the 15th, come to Centennial Park in downtown Fort Myers. Meet several area patriots who will make you hopeful for our country’s future. Enjoy music, great speakers and the company of like minded Floridians who vow to be silent no longer. Come exercise your Constitutional rights to assemble and speak freely!

Lee County Tea Party, April 9, 2011 from 11:30 until 2:00.

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