Accused Fort Myers Police Officer Fights Wife | James Pat Guerréro

Fort Myers Police Officer Oneil A. Kerr (35) fought with his wife, after she accused him of infidelity, and pushed a key into her neck. She pushed back, and then Kerr grabbed her chest and threw her to the ground, which caused hitting her head. She kept pushing and kicking from the ground to keep Kerr away, and he pushed her head to the ground. Then, she tried to use her cell phone to call 911, but he took the cell phone away. She ran to the car, but he grabbed her arms, causing bruising. Finally, Kerr left with her cell phone. Lee County Sheriff investigated and made the report that the wife was taken to and treated at Lehigh Regional Hospital for broken blood vessels in the eyes.

Officer Kerr turned himself in to the Lee County Sheriff and was charged with battery. He has been employed by the Fort Myers Police Department for three years. He is pending a criminal investigation while on administrative leave according to State Statute and Department policy. The internal affairs are investigating as well.

Read More: Lee deputies arrest Fort Myers police officer on battery charge » Naples Daily News.


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