The Importance of Saying Thank You – RedState | Erick Erickson

Thank you to all the following U. S. Representatives who voted “NO” to more continuing resolutions to the U.S. budget.

I’m putting all of these names on the front page.

We ask members of congress to stand for their convictions and, when they do, they are often berated and attacked by their own side.

In the past 24 hours there have been numerous stories planted by House Republican leaders attacking their conservative colleagues and spinning blame onto them for voting against the three week continuing resolution.

One article says they only did it because they are running for higher office and have to suck up to the base.

Another says they did it because they lack bold vision.

Another says the conservatives are undermining the fight for actual spending cuts (!!!) and somehow, somehow, conservatives will now be stuck with a worse deal.

The blame game by a Republican leadership that sprinkles toilet water behind their ears before flushing because they love the smell of their own B.S. knows no bounds.

But fifty-four House Republicans were willing to take a bullet from their leadership and stand up for their principles.

We ask a lot. It is important to remember to say thank you.

Below are the 54 Republicans who voted no. Call them at 202-224-3121 and make sure they know you appreciate their stand. Right now, they are only hearing a lot of yelling from their leadership.

Last Name State
Flake AZ
Franks AZ
Campbell CA
Lamborn CO
Tipton CO
Mack FL
Ross FL
Southerland FL
Stearns FL
West FL
Gingrey GA
Graves GA
King IA
Labrador ID
Johnson IL
Walsh IL
Burton IN
Pence IN
Stutzman IN
Huelskamp KS
Fleming LA
Landry LA
Bartlett MD
Harris MD
Amash MI
Benishek MI
Huizenga MI
McCotter MI
Walberg MI
Bachmann MN
Akin MO
Long MO
Rehberg MT
Jones NC
Garrett NJ
Smith NJ
Pearce NM
Heller NV
Chabot OH
Jordan OH
Schmidt OH
Sullivan OK
Pitts PA
Duncan SC
Gowdy SC
Mulvaney SC
Wilson SC
Barton TX
Gohmert TX
Hall TX
Paul TX
Poe TX
Chaffetz UT
Rigell VA

via The Importance of Saying Thank You | RedState.


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