Union Worker Fear: Fair Day’s Wage for a Fair Day’s Work | James Pat Guerréro

The unions, including the teachers, are complaining about the state and federal budget cuts. The groups, moveon.org and awakethestate.com organized the union protesters for the demonstration outside the Collier County Library at the corner of Airport-Pulling and Orange Blossom Drive, Naples, Florida. At the core of the demonstration, there is general disagreement on Rick Scott’s budget cutting by removing state worker positions and “funding for education, prisons, and services for the children, families, the poor, the sick and the elderly.” Plus there is riding on the coattails of Wisconsin budget cutting – the spirit of protestation working like a duck paddling underwater.

Although Scott’s goal is to balance the state budget, the union people say that the jobs that are taken away would have spurred economic development. Economic evidence suggests that this was not true, is not true, and will not be true. In fact, the state worker jobs don’t affect economic development, if those jobs are replaced by many more from the private sector. Those jobs were deleted because the services offered were taken away. Not a big loss because the services may be replaced by private sector services on the same functions, if understanding reaches the union people.

Union workers do great work, and one should be proud to be a union worker. But union workers should teach themselves on how to stop grumbling for exorbitant wages, medical care, pensions, and secured jobs and on how to be satisfied with their wages, while they have wages. A fair day’s wage for a fair day’s job should be the rule – and endure with dignity along with others who do the same. As expressed in other contexts in the nation: the fear of a fair day’s wage for a fair day’s job is more the display.

Read More: VIDEO/PHOTOS: 100 meet at library to protest government cuts » Naples Daily News.


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