“Mommy, what’s that girl on the bus doing?” | James Pat Guerréro

Girls Gone Wild, a Facebook and DVD invention (with a media bus that travels Florida) parked its bus on a public parking lot at Fort Myers Beach, Florida. The adult film company met Fort Myers Beach Town Manager Terry Stewart and Code Enforcement. Looking like code compliance may be overstepped,  Stewart asked the company “to move on” because there was no applied special event permit for the company to be at the parking lot.

According to Stewart, “[T]he company films college-aged women taking their tops off and performing various sex acts, and had parked their advertisement-emblazoned bus in a public parking lot that was not an appropriate place for such a vehicle.”

This means that the company parked its bus in a family site, and the family doesn’t want its kids looking up and asking, “Mommy, what’s that girl on the bus doing?” The Playboy genre is alive in Southwest Florida. But the connections are more ubiquitous. Girls Gone Wild has its own web site, Facebook, DVD, media channel outlets, tours, etc., and it travels to various night clubs across the state; indubitably, it recruits young women by the feminine glitz to make money. Promises of fame, money, clothing and shoes, travel, celebration, and public interest lure the sex in gender. The acts of the sexual nature are the performance.

For example, Girls Gone Wild will host a “Wet T-Shirt Hot Body Contest” at Ultra night club in North Naples. This means that the night club, Ultra, sells (prostitutes) “Hot Body” (sex acts) to its customers (North Naples, Collier County, and Florida) for money (beer, alcohol, and food). Yea, it’s a business of prostitution – body for money.

Put this way, nobody really wants to take part – move on.

Read More: Adult filmmakers Girls Gone Wild met by code enforcement on beach » Naples Daily News.


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