Presidents Nicholas J. Healy and Jim Towey should go sit in jail awhile | James Pat Guerréro

H. James Towey (Jim Towey) is scheduled to become the next president of Ave Maria University in July 2011. Not properly vetted, Jim Towey comes with no real credentials. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette posts an interesting article, Priest fired for porn may have protected confession, in which lawsuits and intrigue ensued through attorney Towey’s leadership over Christian persecution.

If the former student’s account is true, Father Gruber is acting exactly as a priest should, said the Rev. Lawrence DiNardo, vicar of canonical services for the Diocese of Pittsburgh and a former president of the Canon Law Society of America. He isn’t involved in the case.

“If you receive information through the sacrament of reconciliation, whatever that information may be, you can never reveal that information to anyone, under any condition, at any time, for any reason,” he said.

That was the plot of the 1953 Alfred Hitchcock thriller “I Confess.” In the film, a penitent confessed to a murder and the priest was later charged with committing it. The priest couldn’t defend himself because he was bound by the sacrament.

via Priest fired for porn may have protected confession.

Nicholas J. Healy, attorney and president of Ave Maria University, and Attorney Jim Towey, who announced on October 2009 that he would leave Saint Vincent College in June 2010, should volunteer to go sit in jail for a long while.  These two presidents of universities in the catholic tradition don’t know beans about dealing with religious and running an academic institution in the catholic tradition.


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