Amy Pullella’s Son: The Case of Chronically Truant Government | James Pat Guerréro

Amy L. Pullella (34) is a woman in distress because her son, Kevin (11), simply doesn’t want to go to his public school. Anyway, why would any child want to go to a public school when public education today doesn’t teach about Christianity or God, or prayer and scripture for that matter. One can’t really blame the fatherless child and husband-less mother. Hustling and stumbling to the aid of the child, the “authorities” come to the likes of Kevin Stockman of the Collier County School District, the Truancy Court (a compilation of the Collier County School District, the Collier County Sheriff’s Office, State Attorney’s Office, Department of Juvenile Justice, the David Lawrence Center and Lutheran Social Services), and the Department of Children and Family Services who all turn against Ms. Pullella in the name of COMPLIANCE. These authorities have it all wrong, and they’re spending a lot of taxpayer money over it as well – for one small problem that the child doesn’t want to go to school. It ends up that the authorities really have a chronically truant government in place of the family. How so? Ms. Pullella’s family is small, not large. She lost her job; she’s trying not to lose her son. She’s doing everything she can to keep authorities from charging her with crime that she never has committed. She needs economic freedom; but at this stage of the problem, she needs something more important – she needs civil freedom. She needs the freedom to be a family. The government in any of its intervention and regulatory forms could never replace the family or fix the family’s problems. The government can and should umpire the family but never take it apart, i.e., separate the child from the mother. There is the family solving by beginning a home school, maybe temporarily until the family sees the child is becoming more personally responsible. There is the family solving by using a private school voucher program – which shall come one day in thanksgiving to Gov. Rick Scott. There is the family solving through private family and friend support in education. The government can’t see these solutions because it doesn’t want to as government employees need a job, and government employees need to follow their compliance, anti-family programs. Amy Pullella’s son is currently living in Youth Haven (the misnomered family). Youth Haven in Naples, Florida, is partly government-funded.

For more reading: Mom of chronically truant boy says Collier school, court systems harming her son POLL » Naples Daily News.


3 Replies to “Amy Pullella’s Son: The Case of Chronically Truant Government | James Pat Guerréro”

  1. Hello Mr. Guerrero,

    I had the pleasure of reading your blog regarding my son and I. I want to thank you for being one that knows and expresses absolute truth about the situation. Everything you discussed was exactly what I wanted Naples News to portray. The government control over families and children is not conducive to maintaining a bright future for our nation.

    I have yet to see where all of these agencies will help my son and I. It seems they are very focused on my prosecution instead, causing nothing but more trauma in my family’s life.

    Are you considering running again for Florida House State Representative?


    Amy L. Pullella
    Advocate for Justice for Juveniles and DCF Reform
    “If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.”


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