Gingrich’s bankruptcy bill rather than bailouts | James Pat Guerréro

States have the view to turn to federal funds for bailouts when the state runs out of funds. What’s better to handle fiscally? A bankruptcy action or a bailout. A bankruptcy action is better, makes states pay their debts in an organized way, and requires unions to sit down and discuss their spending arrangements according to the principle of subsidiarity (local decisions).

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Houston Ordinance Prevents Homeless from Eating | James Pat Guerréro

Here is an example of government in place of the family (charity). It has all the symptoms of the disease affecting Houston, Texas. The Health and Human Services Department (HHS) of Houston, Texas, Kathy Barton the spokeswoman said they are worried about the homeless. Actually, they are not worried about the homeless; they are really worried about losing funding from the federal government. Why?

  1. HHS states poor people are most vulnerable to foodborne illness: not so, charity provides the most healthy food because it’s made and served with love and concern for the poor person; HHS doesn’t even give food.
  2. HHS states poor people are the least likely to receive health care: not so, charity provides healthy food and there is no possibility that poor people would need health care from eating charitable food .

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The RNC Race and the Truce on Truces | RedState

The answer to the below question posed by Marjorie Dannenfelser of the Susan B. Anthony List:

As the head of the Susan B. Anthony List, a 285,000 member non-partisan pro-life group, I’ve asked myself a similar question – Is the Republican Party listening to the grassroots on Life?


While many members of the media rolled their eyes when every candidate said they were pro-life and pro-marriage without question, the debate proved that the 2011 GOP has an unshakable pro-life, pro-family core.

Dannenfelser states there is no need for truces.

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