For the Record: Tammie Nemecek (Project Peet) | James Pat Guerréro

Tammie Nemecek, the president and CEO of the Economic Development Council (EDC), has EDC supporters whom she informed that the Project Peet (Jackson Laboratory project) may go elsewhere – Tampa or some other. Well, what about moral, non-taxpayer-funded economic development in Collier County? No chance – she’s more interested in informing on the economic development of other Floridian places. Amazing! Will not the tea party grassroots efforts work in Tampa, too? Do you ever get the message? Is funding part of your job? Have you convinced Project Peet to fund their own project and guarantee no embryonic stem cell or other immoral life research? For the record, Tammie.

Tammie Nemecek, president and chief executive officer of the Economic Development Council, is aware Tampa and Sarasota are being considered.

She sent a letter Wednesday evening to EDC supporters about Sarasota and Tampa after being contacted about it by the Daily News.

“It is now confirmed that with the significant partnership between The Jackson Laboratory and the University of South Florida, that Tampa or Sarasota will be the more likely contender for this project as negotiations have started between USF and the Lab,” she wrote.

via Records: Jackson Lab expands project site search to Tampa, Sarasota – POLL » Naples Daily News.


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