Cuba Isn’t Communist? | James Pat Guerréro

Public Broadcasting System (PBS) partners with Fidel Castro for propaganda as usual. For the observers of life, some things are never discovered. Here is some history to keep in mind. Liberalism is the byproduct of Marxist propaganda, and propaganda especially attacks the spirit of justice, where propaganda defines justice as something other than what it really is. The propaganda that “Cuba isn’t Communist” is so full of lies that it’s near incredible to believe – BELIEVE IT. All the reform systems that Castro’s Cuba brag about aren’t good at all. Believers of good history should try to find reporters who tell the truth, and report objectively.

[This writer footnotes that the label, Liberalism, of the 19th century was stolen by the Democrats to represent their Liberalism of today. Today’s Liberalism is the byproduct  of Marxist propaganda.]

For more reading: PBS Partners with Castro—Again | The Americano.

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