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The M6 Bayonet with scabbard; Used on M14
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Hey Gunners, 

This week we have the second article in the series on personal combat techniques by Ernest Emerson. About six weeks back, he asked me if I knew who the toughest SOB was on the planet. I got the answer right. (Although I would add a few pounds — you will see what I mean.) Don’t forget to stop by 

The Warrior Mentality is everything. One buddy of mine engaged the enemy during house-to-house combat. The enemy charged him while firing his rifle and then lunged at him with the bayoneted rifle when the ammo was gone. In close combat my buddy, in one motion, blocked the rifle and drew his Ka-Bar. My buddy lived. Why? Because in a split second he knew what to do — that is the importance of the warrior mentality. Two men, one room and only one will walk out alive. Maybe more important is the warrior mentality for women — this article is for everyone. 



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