To the Voters of District 112: James Patrick Guerrero and God

Candidates Jeanette Nunez and Juan D’Arce have never spoken a word to me or in public with me about God, or Christianity, or the Founding Fathers intending the backbone of our nation to be God. I was in an interview with them in front of the Miami Herald editorial board, and they said nothing. (The Miami Herald endorsed Jeanette Nunez.) I compared my video interview by the Naples Daily News with theirs, and they said nothing. (The Naples Daily News endorsed Juan D’Arce.) I gave a speech to the Collier Republican Club, and we answered questions together; and they said nothing. Based on these references, I would have to surmise that they do believe in God, but they are afraid to mention God in public. We must have Commitment, Clarity and Courage, especially in regards to presenting conservatism from a Christian perspective in our candidacies. Would the other two candidates be more liberal than we know?

Our religious freedom, our Faith, and our Church are under attack by socialist forces. People of the Church are afraid of mentioning God in public because they might lose money or a job, or a representative office. In 1962, Madeline Murray O’Hair, the murdered CEO of the American Atheists, Inc., eliminated prayer, the bible and God in the public school system of the United States. Do people remember that prayer and bible readings used to begin the day in students’ classes in the public school system? Since then, hasn’t there been a gradual elimination of God’s presence from the public square, from our schools, from our courts, and from the conscience of our citizens? The top Catholic advisor to the Obama White House vilified Archbishop Raymond Burke, Archbishop Charles Chaput and Bishop Joseph Naumann because of their public stand in defense of life and marriage. The Boy Scouts are under attack for honoring God. Connecticut legislators try to strip Catholic priests and bishops of their administrative authority over their parishes and dioceses. Voluntary, student-led prayer has been banned in our schools. (What does the educator Juan D’Arce say about this? Nothing.) It’s time to change. In the Florida Legislature, I will do everything I possibly can to help reclaim our Christian culture from the anti-life, anti-family, and anti-faith forces of our day. Let us start the finest hour by putting God back in the public school system and read the wise readings from the Bible that help our families on their paths.

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